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  • Marigold Bartlett

    Marigold Bartlett

    I’m an artist & game developer from Melbourne, trying to learn how to write down the stuff I think about. I am currently working on a game called Wayward Strand

  • James Bridle

    James Bridle

    Writer and Artist. http://jamesbridle.com

  • Eyebeam


    Eyebeam reveals new paths toward a more just future for all

  • Sabrina Verhage

    Sabrina Verhage

    immersing the world in interactive environments / Artist||Designer||Technologist / Co Founder @CC_Amsterdam

  • Zach Soares

    Zach Soares

    Professional Voxel artist, Animator and Creative Director. Expanding on Voxel art and creating worlds to explore.

  • Max Seiden

    Max Seiden

    Systems and SQL @sigmacomputing | Web Audio Hacker | Food and Photography

  • David Kamp

    David Kamp

    Audio for @nytimes @studioaka @davidoreilly @field_io @quayola @Man_Vs_Machine @newyorker @google @pictoplasma @disney @smithsonian 👉david@studiokamp.com

  • Noel Berry

    Noel Berry

    Sometimes when I'm in the right mood I make video games and art. Or something ★ http://skytorngame.com / http://celestegame.com

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